LETTER: Trump should shoulder responsibility for his mistakes, but he won’t

Donald Trump should reveal his tax returns, proving he paid his fair share and to ensure that policy decisions are made for the benefit of the American people and not Trump Inc., the 1 percent or Russia.

His job is to promote the welfare of all Americans by making sure everyone has affordable access to health care, not by defunding, deregulating or crippling the very institutions that protect, promote or advance our well-being and opportunities.

He should stand in front of an open, representative press, call on a wide variety of participants and not a select friendly fringe group, and not become adversarial, even if the questions are tough or don’t seem fair.

Trump should get his facts straight, be truthful and answer directly.

The press are the eyes and ears of the American people, not the enemy.

Trump should respond strongly to the Russian involvement in our election process.

It delegitimizes his win by not accepting that their involvement may have affected the outcome

It also taints his presidency and lessens his effectiveness as the leader of the free world.

He should stop blaming the courts, the press, illegal aliens, the military, the FBI and CIA, Obama or “Saturday Night Live” for his problems and should act like he’s the president of the United States and shoulder the responsibility.

Trump should start making decisions that reflect the fact that he lost the popular election by close to 3 million legal votes, that he doesn’t just represent the minority of Americans but the majority as well.

He should stop fabricating reality and tell the truth.

Unfortunately for America, I don’t believe he’s capable or competent to preform those duties.

Vance Heydorn,

Port Angeles