LETTER: Trump, GOP the party of lies and misdirection

Trump’s scorched-earth campaign is an extension of the Republican Party’s strategy over the past decade of obstructionism.

Face it, Donald Trump is a selfish, narcissistic egomaniac.

He is not the kid who takes his ball and goes home when he loses.

He’s the kid who incites his team to beat the crap out of the other team when he loses.

He is not holding political rallies.

These are lynch mobs where he is the main inciter of violence.

If you think Trump supporters are not prone to violence, just try wearing a Hillary T-shirt to a Trump rally.

What Trump is doing is equivalent to building a campfire in an underground ammunition bunker.

Is anyone going to be surprised at the explosion?

But Trump’s scorched-earth campaign is an extension of the GOP’s “Party of No” strategy over the past decade.

Obstructionism, unprecedented use of the filibuster, shutting down the government and sabotaging everything that Obama and Democrats try to accomplish are just some of the childish, tantrum-like actions of the GOP in recent years.

Everything that Trump says, as well as most of what the GOP says, is lies, deceptions and falsehoods.

If you tried to redact out the lies in a printed version of any of Trump’s speeches, you would need a paintbrush instead of a magic marker.

At best, Trump supporters are blind, and the rest of conservatives are seriously misguided, so angry and hostile, but for the wrong reasons and at the wrong things.

The GOP’s strategy? Screw things up as much as possible for people and then blame Democrats, liberals and minorities.

David A. Desautel,