LETTER: Tough love

I just read 10-15 Op-eds and maybe 20 letters to the editor.

I’m in the Republican camp philosophically.

One writer, a Democrat, called upon Republicans to denounce Mr. Trump.

After the hearings, I totally agree.

I voted for him the first time and freely admit I was wrong.

He is deplorable.

Another writer blamed the Republicans for the price of fuel because petroleum companies are private enterprise, etc.

Well, yes, but like any people of business they set their prices to reflect what’s driven by scarcity and demand.

President Biden created some of the scarcity with his policies and, unfortunately, Russia’s war the rest.

We’re members of the Mountaineers, which is one of many excellent organizations which promote stewardship of the environment.

One of the Mountaineering principles asks that we not feed the wildlife.

Part of the reason for this is that we don’t want to create dependency and that there is benefit to the animal in life’s daily struggle.

People are not animals and at some point, it’s fair to say that we all become culpable if they are allowed to starve to death.

But if approached by what appears to be a well-nourished and apparently healthy person asking for a dollar in a less-than-safe place, like an intersection or ramp, please don’t aid and abet in this continuing failure to launch.

Tough love counts too.

Vote Republican.

Dan Anderson

Port Angeles

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