LETTER: This election may be our last chance to save our country

You may not like our choices, but a Trump win will ensure America’s greatness.

As an American, it is your right and duty to vote.

The most important presidential election in our country’s history will occur Nov. 8.

America is at a crossroads.

This election isn’t about a Democrat vs. Republican, a liberal vs. a conservative, a career politician vs. an outsider, etc.

It is bigger than all of that.

It is about saving our country, and this may be our last chance if we don’t get it right.

You may not like the choices that we have been dealt — namely, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — but please learn the facts and the truth about these candidates and what is at stake in our country.

A Hillary win will assure us of socialism; the end of democracy, as well as our Constitution and Bill of Rights; a government that controls our life from cradle to grave; the elimination of the freedoms of speech, religion and the right to bear arms; and result in U.S. Supreme Court appointments that will leave us with no hope for our future.

A Trump win will preserve our freedoms, control our borders, bolster our economy, keep law and order, abolish political correctness, keep America strong, re-instill American pride and make America great again.

Let common sense be your guide to make a smart choice in this election, and above all, vote.

Doug McClary,