LETTER: Thinks claims of voter fraud used to suppress votes

From Port Angeles

President Trump states that if he loses in November, it will be due to a rigged election.

In 2016, after being elected by the Electoral College, he claimed that “millions of fraudulent votes” were cast against him.

How could such enormous fraud happen?

Did thousands illegally register to vote in several states, then get bused to those states on election day?

Did the Deep State or foreigners print millions of fake ballots and fake photo IDs?

Did thousands of illegals vote using deceased voters’ registrations?

Did armies of covert operatives steal from elders’ mail boxes and dumpsters?

Did mail-in ballots have forged signatures?

Did criminal poll workers secretly destroy ballots, substituting fake ones?

Do armed guards need to watch the polls?

In “The Truth About Voter Fraud” in 2007 the Bennan Center for Justice cites 18 investigations over 10 years that find very few instances of fraud, mostly clerical errors or mistakes.

Even President Trump’s post-election Voter Fraud Commission failed to prove his charges.

Yet he continues to assert that some of the above actually happened.

Our history of voter suppression dates back 200 years: voter intimidation poll taxes, literacy tests, photo ID requirements, residential affadavits, witness certifications, overly rigorous purging of voter registration rolls, closing polls early, cutting hours and days, decreasing numbers of polling places have all been part of our history, then and now.

Some of these despicable tactics persist today.

There are real efforts to rig elections, fraudulent assaults on the contitutional right of every citizen to vote.

Sylvia Meyer

Port Angeles