LETTER: There’s no comparison in comparing the two presidential candidates

Hillary Clinton is far and above the more honest and hard-working of the two.

A person who is basically honest, or a person who is totally dishonest?

Compare the candidates.

Trump: phony university, cheating on his wives, not paying his contractors and his employees, allegedly unlawfully doing business in Cuba and using his foundation money illegally, not showing his tax returns and he shows no respect for women.

He is an absolute con man.

Is this what we want for a president?

Clinton: FBI concluded that there was no criminal intent in the email controversy.

An Army general asked Ambassador [Christopher] Stevens if he wanted more security.

Twice. The answer was no.

Fact-check it.

The real liar is Trump.

Clinton has been a faithful wife, a good mother, senator, secretary of state and a champion for children.

When has Trump served this country?

His own doctor got him out of Vietnam.

So, who will you choose?

Bill Ellis,