LETTER: Thank president for the help he’s given

With the Labor Day holiday this week, we should thank President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress for all the things they are doing to make life better for hardworking Americans.

They enacted tax law revisions that lowered tax rates in all brackets that affect workers.

Tax rates for companies were also lowered, making the U.S.A. competitive with other countries, enticing companies to move their facilities here and create more jobs.

President Trump’s administration is eliminating federal regulations that provide minimal — if any — benefits to our people and were overly costly, or inhibiting job growth.

The president is also renegotiating various international trade deals to make sure they benefit American workers rather than be a hand-out to other countries.

All these efforts have resulted in the lowest unemployment rates we have seen in decades for all categories of workers, fewer people needing government assistance, people re-entering the job market and increasing wages.

Also, thank you President Trump for protecting our citizens by securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws to the benefit of hardworking Americans.

His administration is protecting our country’s taxpayers and workers from criminal illegal aliens, human trafficking and drug smugglers.

Securing our borders prevents the entry of lower-skilled workers who drive wages down, hurting our citizen workers.

So, it is time to thank President Trump and vote Republican: the party that cares about our hardworking people.

Gene Farr,

Port Townsend