LETTER: Thank God the American electorate has consigned Obama legacy to dustbin

In rebuttal to the Jan. 29 letter in Peninsula Voices, “Will miss Obama,” Obama did not lead the country “out of a serious financial crisis.”

Our economy survived despite eight years of the president’s size 12, hobnailed, regulatory boot clamped firmly athwart the throat of the private sector.

“Creating a game-changing national health policy” is nationalizing one-sixth of the private-sector economy without bipartisan support, an act of socialism.

He cleared the way for Iran to eventually become nuclear-armed, thus ensuring the death of Israel.

He made our criminal justice system nothing more than a catch-and-release program.

His foreign policies have created the chaos and uncertainty now rampant in the world.

These are his specific victories?

I thank God for the collective common sense of the American electorate who, with one bold stroke, has consigned the Obama administration to the dustbin of history.

Ethan Harris,