LETTER: Take a stand against abortion, pursue adoption instead

The writer of the June 6 letter to the editor “Abortion critic” echoes the sentiments found in the pro-choice segment of our country.

They are personally against abortion, but in America, the woman has reproductive rights — everyone is free to believe what they want and they shouldn’t be imposed upon by others.

How can the writer believe abortion is the killing of children but not believe that he is free to act as if what he believes is actually true and take a stand?

Pro-choice believes that a woman can choose what she does with her own body.

Actually, it is demeaning to her body and her self-esteem to regard pregnancy as an unnatural, negative and out-of-control condition.

Abortion is not the “loss of potential life”; it is the loss of actual life.

For proof of this, just see the pictures of aborted babies on the internet.

Unwanted pregnancy: Actually, “unwanted” describes an unhealthy attitude of too many adults in society.

Adoption is too painful for some to consider as an option.

While adoption may be painful, a human life is still involved and thus is the best choice.

Take a stand.

Women and society must be allowed to vigorously explore and pursue the alternatives and have adoption centers that meet the social, religious and cultural beliefs of the unwed women involved.

Virginia O’Donnell,

Port Angeles

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