LETTER: Supports Rogers

As a former U.S. naval officer and Superior Court judge, I understand clearly the importance of governance, law and policy.

I’m supporting Karen Rogers for at-large commissioner, Clallam County Hospital District 2, because she is knowledgeable, experienced and prepared for this role.

I listened to the KONP debate and she clearly answered every question with specific and accurate knowledge, listen for yourself.

She understands the demographic challenges of health care for all of us and understands how Olympic Medical Center operates.

I trust her fully to be our community representative because she has been advocating for our health care for years, especially for veterans, as a former elected official and OMC Foundation board member.

She will defend our hospital from corporate takeovers. We’ve been down that road before, and OMC formed OMP Physicians after we were left stranded without doctors.

Your health matters. Vote Karen Rogers

Gary W. Velie

Port Angeles