LETTER: Supports Clallam County officials’ pandemic response

I’m relieved and supportive of Clallam County officials’ response to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s not always easy for those elected who make major decisions for us to defer that authority to another functionary.

Our public health officer, Dr. Allison Unthank, has been responsible for managing preparedness and response.

Her honesty and even tone have the reassuring feel of a bedside doctor who is there just for you.

She has kept us informed and advised about how we can protect ourselves and others.

In view of how this pandemic has been politicized, Dr. Unthank has stayed focused on her job and is committed to doing her best for the community.

I hope that her voice has the respect and approval of most of our residents.

We’re fortunate to know that science and medicine are the guiding principles which will ensure our health in this time of disease.

Brian Grad