LETTER: Support outsiders like Trump, Sanders over pay-for-play D.C.

The major news of the election was not the defeat of the Democratic Party.

That was just history repeating itself.

I’ve been watching elections for decades, and both the liberal Democrats and the conservative Republicans keep overpromoting their idealistic agendas until the middle-of-the-road majorities get tired of them and vote them out.

The big news in last year’s election was that the political establishments that run Washington, D.C., were taken down by the voters who were sick of the self-serving pay-for-play operation that has been running the show for a long time.

Donald Trump’s win and the surprising success of Bernie Sanders shocked the Washington political establishment.

It is great to have a president who has not been bought by any special interests, corporations or entire industries beforehand and who can act to help our citizens instead of the self-serving establishment.

In his recent speech to Congress, he laid out plans to actually do something about the high cost of medical drugs and to create more jobs.

Now, he is facing the full fury of the establishment, including federal agencies that are only interested in their own benefit.

Bernie Sanders would have been doing similar things, just in his own way.

Support these kinds of candidates unless you want to be ruled by the slippery bunch of lobbyists, special interests and political lap-dogs in Washington, D.C.

John Usher,

Port Angeles