LETTER: Support our children’s educational opportunities with Port Angeles levy renewal

What are the schools like?

That’s one of the first questions heard from out-of-area homebuyers considering Port Angeles.

Their concern is understandable.

The education of our children is the foundation of both our community and our future.

For parents, a quality education is their child’s pathway to a happy and productive life.

The Port Angeles School District is seeking a renewal of a levy that is currently in place.

This levy helps pay for after-school programs, athletic programs, music programs, transportation, special education and more.

The current state funding covers 78 percent of our educational costs.

This levy covers approximately 22 percent of the district’s budget.

This funding is vital to providing vibrant and engaging education for our children.

​ Imagine a school system with no music or no sports, both of which — while considered extracurricular — have been proven to help children and young adults achieve greater overall learning.

One example of the dedication and efforts of our teachers and school district achieving good results is that our schools currently graduate almost 85 percent of students.

The state average is just over 78 percent.

This is the kind of achievement that convinces people to move their families here.

As Realtors, we understand how important educational opportunities are for us, our town and our economy.

Please join us in supporting the extension of current funding levels by voting for the levy.

Lynn Bedford,

Port Angeles

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bedford is president of the Port Angeles Association of Realtors.