Letter: Support Crescent School District levies

Crescent School District is running two levies to support our schools.

The first is the educational programs and operations (EP&O) levy and the second is a capital projects levy.

These are not new taxes.

The current EP&O Levy and capital projects levy both expire at the end of 2020.

I hope you will join me in renewing these levies.

Public schools are not fully funded by our state and federal governments and CSD relies on local tax dollars for about 15 percent of its operating budget.

The EP&O levy will be reduced to $1.44 per $1,000 of assessed value.

The current capital projects levy which expires at the end of 2020 completed much needed maintenance on aging buildings.

Projects of the 2016-2020 capital levy were completed on time and under budget.

New projects need to be completed in the near future to keep our campus safe and in good repair.

These projects, reviewed by parents, staff, students, and community members, focus on safety such as repairing aging ceilings and needed backup generators for power in critical areas such as the kitchen and the septic system pump.

The capital projects levy will be 34.8 cents per $1000 of assessed value.

I am a new resident in the Joyce area but I toured CSD schools this fall and was impressed with the way the aging buildings are being maintained and the thought which has gone into identifying future projects.

Please vote yes for both these needed levies.

Cathy Stordeur

Port Angeles

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