LETTER: Support candidates who will ‘do something’

Here we are in the third month of 2018 and we still have no working government.

As always, we have a president so deep in narcissism that can not see past his own personal needs.

We have a Congress so conflicted and adverse to talking to each other that our military is degrading to the point that they may not be able to defend our country in the near future.

Our infrastructure maintenance seems to be nonexsistent.

Taking care of the needs of our citizens is laughably incompetent.

We are in a serious long-term decline.

In November, we have a chance to start changing, to the positive, the decline of the United States.

We hopefuly will have a huge group of men and women who will run for an office in government.

These people should express the demand to work together to make a constructive difference in the way government supports the needs of the people and the stability of our nation.

Listen carefully to all the statements and promises these people make and vote for the one you think will help you and your country.

Then cross your fingers, watch what they are doing, and contact them frequently to remind them to do what they said they were going to do.

We all have to all do something — anything — to help our country survive.

Frank Cimino,