LETTER: Street people

It’s election time again.

The Port Angeles City Council seems unable to fix the street people problem.

It’s a shame blanket coverage is used when describing this population.

In cleaning up after homeless on my property for the past 20 years, I have found that they are not homeless mothers with children. Our society would not let this happen.

Most of them are younger and are where they want to be, free from having to conform, free from deadlines, free from responsibility.

I have recovered 69 hypodermic needles in the past four years, several truck loads of garbage and have been called every name in the book. Most disturbing is cleaning up human waste.

If the city council won’t take the hard steps facing this catastrophe, then change must be made.

Catering to a population that gives nothing back except a trail of despair is changing the face of our once beautiful city.

When I have asked them why they’re here, they say because of the free stuff.

Most have told me they are not from here.

Thinking free housing will fix the problem is a fallacy.

Madden, Garcia, Stamper and Procter are fine examples of candidates running for city council, willing to face the tough tasks of returning Port Angeles to its former glory.

Change is inevitable. Let’s make our home the most desirable place on earth.

Let’s encourage new business, filling those vacant buildings, put people back to work and build a sense of pride, not fear of walking on our streets.

Good grief.

Robert A. Beausoleil

Port Angeles

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