LETTER: Stinson understands council’s role

I have been employed under contract as a chief public administrator.

I have also served as a non-partisan elected official, as a board member in both a public hospital district and as the chair of a fire and rescue district.

I understand the relationship and the difference between making policy and executing policy.

On that basis, and on the basis of my experience in employing and evaluating public servants, it appears logical to me that the candidate to endorse and vote for in a contested seat in the upcoming Port Townsend City Council election is the current council member and mayor, Deborah Stinson.

She clearly gets it that a council makes policy and a city manager administers policy.

Stinson is personable, hardworking and smart as a whip.

She has earned re-election through dedication to her constituents and plain old hard work.

Please vote for Deborah Stinson.

Dave Woodruff,

Port Townsend

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