LETTER: Step up with courage, compassion post-election

Post-election, our children and grandchildren contacted us. One, a Hispanic medical student, feels devastated, disillusioned and fearful for our country’s future. My daughters and granddaughters believe that sexual harassment is now condoned.

To my daughter, granddaughters and women who have experienced sexual harassment, I commit to step up and defend women’s rights to be treated with respect and dignity. Regardless of how you voted, I ask women and men to join me. Publicly.

To my grandchildren and the children of this community, especially those who are people of color or children of immigrants, I commit to supporting those who feel bullied or harassed. Many people voted for Trump in spite of his proclamations about immigrants and people of color. Will you join me?

To the LGBTQ community, I commit to step up and to respect and defend your right to be who you are. Sadly, bullying and harassment are real — and increasing. Several friends report kids who are fearful or already getting harassed. These children are looking to us and watching how we react.

As a white Christian, I commit to working for positive, supportive relationships among people of all ethnicities and religions — and to defending our constitution separating church and state. We need to live the Golden Rule.

I ask pastors, teachers, business owners, civic leaders, service clubs and us ordinary folks to step up with courage and compassion toward everyone in our community.

Marilyn Eash,

Port Angeles