LETTER: State of the union

For the past 35 years, nearly every U.S. president has given a State of the Union speech attesting to the fact that the state of our union is strong.

And then provided examples of how strong it is and, unsurprisingly, tried to take some personal credit for this state of strength.

I suspect that President Joe Biden will, in the spirit of past such addresses, make similar assertions, but I am not sure what examples of strength he will be able to cite and seek recognition for.

Maybe he could speak to our booming economy, but he can’t, because it ain’t — unless you favor inflation, now at a 40-year high, and skyrocketing prices.

And it would be great if he could cite how crime has decreased, but he can’t, because it ain’t.

In fact, statistics reflect that crime, particularly violent crime, is spiking in cities across the country.

Perhaps he could point to the U.S. being energy independent, but he can’t, because it ain’t.

Of course, it was for a while until we managed to wreck our fossil fuel industry and become dependent on others.

He could brag about our powerful military, but he can’t, because it ain’t.

Not when an out-gunned, under-manned, ill-equipped army ran us out of Afghanistan.

As a patriotic citizen, I would like to believe that, during Biden’s administration, our country has improved economically, strengthened militarily, and continues to be respected by our friends and feared by our enemies.

But I can’t, because it ain’t.

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles