LETTER: Standing for flag honors sacrifices for our country

I am saddened that so many of the National Football League players are using the national anthem as a “tool” to call attention to what may be legitimate complaints.

Certainly they have the right to call better ways.

Displaying and honoring our flag is not meant to imply that our country is perfect. (Are there any?)

Over the years, we have made many sacrifices to preserve freedom here and abroad.

This is not to excuse faults but to put some perspective on the issue.

How many loved ones sorrowed over flag-draped caskets?

Maybe some game day on the “big screen,” they should show the raising of the Stars and Stripes on Mount Suribachi while playing the national anthem.

Sadly, many younger people would probably not even recognize the event.

It is when the Fourth Marine Division was able to conquer Iwo Jima, at the loss of 6,800 killed or missing, and 26,000 casualties.

Iwo Jima was needed to have a base within a bomber range of Japan.

One of the most brutal and terrible wars we have fought was defeating the Confederacy, casualties being over a hundred thousand on each side.

These are the sort of events in our history that we are remembering when we honor the flag.

I am also puzzled by the inconsistency of the NFL owners when they say “we cannot tell the players whether or not to honor the flag,” as there are all sorts of rules as to proper behavior on the field.

Frederick Clemens,

Port Angeles