LETTER: Southern border

“Southern border” (PDN, Dec. 9) is a classic case of the ‘pot calling the kettle black.’

The letter paints the Biden/Harris administration as vindictive and vicious, the inclusion of Vice President Harris in his letter, in my opinion, speaks volumes as to his social politics.

The concern apparently is for the strain on law enforcement, social services, schools and charities at the border; not the human beings suffering across the border in squalid and dangerous conditions.

Instead, the letter attacks the current administration for attempting to reverse the chaos that the previous administration created by separating children from their parents as a draconian deterrent without the mechanism for reuniting them.

That policy was indeed vindictive and vicious.

The policy of ignoring requests for asylum, as provided by international law was, and is, wrong to be sure.

As to the alleged vindictive and vicious un-doing of policy from the previous administration, well, this is something that has been done with a change in administration for decades; usually when the administrations are from different parties.

This is politics.

A previous administration’s executive orders that do not follow the values and policies of the current administration can lawfully and constitutionally be reversed.

The previous administration took great delight in undoing Obama era executive orders.

Whether or not that was vindictive or vicious depends upon your political leanings.

To continue with the Sequim gentleman’s use of ‘V’ words, I find the writer’s understanding of this truly vacuous.

Les Carnahan

Port Angeles

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