LETTER: So I’m a deplorable racist, sexist facist because I didn’t vote for Clinton

Let’s see if I understand what I’m reading in the newspaper and on social media, and hear on TV and the radio, regarding the outcome of our recent presidential election:

I cast my vote in the presidential election of 2016, and I’m a fascist because I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

I am a legal citizen of the United States who thinks the immigration laws should be enforced and obeyed, so I’m a hatemongerer and racist because I don’t support open borders and illegal immigration.

I pay federal, state, county and city taxes and fees that support Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as government employees, and I’m deplorable because my worldview disagrees with their support of killing babies in the womb.

I don’t have Secret Service protection, so I own a gun to protect myself. I’m told that puts me in favor of gun violence.

I support the worldview that says marriage is between a man and a woman, and that you are born female or male, not gender-neutral, so I’m a homophobic sexist.

Thus, I am deplorable, violent, homophobic, fascist, racist and sexist because I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, and I deserve to be chastised and criticized as intolerant, discriminatory and acrimonious.

Therefore, the Electoral College should be changed, and votes recounted so the losers can win.

Carolyn Kirsch,

Port Angeles