LETTER: Sleeper

Sometimes, when reviewing Joe Biden’s actions since becoming president, I wonder whether he has the best interests of America at heart.

For instance, his cancellation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, as well the potential of similar action to pipelines three and five, would seem to undermine our goal of energy independence, thereby causing a continuation of our reliance on oil-producing countries that may not be the best of allies.

Biden’s apparent aversion to an energy-independent America reflects in his nomination of Soviet-born Saule Omarova for Treasury Department’s comptroller of currency who wants traditional fuel companies to go bankrupt and refers to our banking system as a “quintessential a****** industry” while advocating “the complete migration of demand deposit accounts to the Federal Reserve,” according to the New York Post.

Not limiting his antithetical attentions to the energy industry, he also weakened border security by appointing Alejandro Mayorkas as Secretary of Homeland Security and who repeatedly claims that, “our borders are not open” even though, under his administration, illegal border crossings are at record highs.

Not forgetting his other questionable appointees like Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin who dismissed the idea of a Taliban takeover or Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who would abolish the federal debt limit or Attorney-General Merrick Garland who would have the FBI investigate protesting PTA parents to name a few.

Remembering a political thriller “The Manchurian Candidate” wherein a sleeper agent, bent upon the destruction of America, nearly became president causes me to wonder if President Biden is a sleeper agent.

Or merely asleep.

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles