LETTER: Slaughter of bison unfair and unjust

In the news, and it boggles my mind, 600 to 900 bison will be targeted by the U.S. government for slaughter because they leave a national park and what?

Cause trouble for some cows?

Bison reflect the same breaks that native peoples have gotten ever since the white man showed up.

They are barely allowed to survive.

Who gets the meat?

It’s been a traditional food source for Native Americans all across North America for millenia.

So, why not just give the meat to them?

Better yet, give them the animals.

Does someone have to make a profit in all this?

The government?


It was reported that permits may be issued for bison that stray over the borders of the parks.

Give the animals to indigenous people who would gladly receive them, end their lives with respect and dignity and maybe even raise more for meat for their people.

Who gets these permits to allow hunting, if you can call waiting at the edge of the park and picking them off “hunting”?

You know who.

And these national parks were indigenous peoples’ land for thousands of years before we even got here.

Todd Tolhurst,

Port Angeles