LETTER: Shameful to support President Trump

Everything we hold sacred as Americans, everything that makes us proud of our country, everything that has made America the shining light of freedom and liberty for the world, everything that has made our country strong, prosperous, and unique, and everything that has defined America as a success, has either already been destroyed by President Donald Trump, or is in the process of being destroyed by him.

Trump is nothing less than a traitor to America, and his actions have been, and continue to be treasonous.

He has betrayed his country, his supporters, and his position as president.

His crimes of law, crimes of deceit, crimes of morality and crimes against humanity know no limits.

Those in Congress, namely just about all of the GOP, who have supported and enabled Donald Trump in his destruction of America are not stupid people.

Because of that, they are also traitors to America and their actions are also treasonous.

And those of you voted for Trump and still support him and the GOP, with or without the excuse of ignorance, are contributors to, and enablers of, America’s destruction.

And as such, you are also traitors to our nation, knowingly or unknowingly.

Greed, lust for power, hate, anger, bigotry, racism, stupidity, immorality, fear, cowardice, elitism, inequality, selfishness, ignorance, depravity, injustice, and most of all deceit, are what define America today.

Those of you who have, and are, supporting Donald Trump are as much to blame as Trump is himself.

Shame, shame, shame.

David A. Desautel