LETTER: Sequim great town

News of our town has been the subject of controversy here so I thought I would add this.

I moved to this lovely place 11 years ago and have never encountered a disagreeable person.

It is truly a great town.

It seems well run and has always been accommodating to me.

There are 13 neighbors along my gravel road and I don’t know the political affiliation of any of them.

I never asked what political party someone preferred and no one ever asked me.

It would be unseemly to do so. But I do know they would come to my aid, and have, if I needed it.

I have never put a political sign on my property. Others have a perfect right to do so, but I have never seen one along my road.

I was raised that with good manners, religion and politics were private and voting was done in a private booth where you exercised your constitutional right and went home and were quiet about it.

I think it would help a lot if we tried that.

Recently a woman named Virginia Heffernan wrote an oped for the L.A. Times about her neighbors, I hope her attitude never surfaces in Sequim.

It’s a great place to live. For everybody.

Patrick Slattery


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