LETTER: Seeking support for MickHager in Port Townsend

I confidently recommend Monica MickHager for Port Townsend City Council Position 3.

Monica has served our city for a decade as planning commissioner.

She has a profound and practical understanding of the regulatory changes needed to increase the number of housing units for working families.

A strong proponent of multi-modal transportation, she is committed to fixing our streets, sidewalks and bike lanes and expanding public transit service.

How will she meet these shared goals?

Through genuine citizen participation.

Monica is a mature leader with a generous, upbeat personal style.

She believes our voices are not being heard by council.

She connects easily with people and has been doing so for all her 34 years here.

She listens.

She picks up on new ideas.

She gives people the time of day.

MickHager will engage citizens in collaborative problem-solving that results in better decisions.

It’s time for change at City Council.

I urge you to get to know MickHager and to vote for her in November.

Carol McCreary,

Port Townsend

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