LETTER: Say yes to a strong, healthy Sequim School District with levy vote

On Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, we have an opportunity to show our love for our children, our community and our schools.

The election this time around asks Sequim School District voters to consider two school district levy measures.

The educational programs and operation levy is a basic levy that does not ask for anything above what presently is operating.

It provides 22 percent of the daily operations of the school district.

It renews a levy that is due to expire.

If the budget is reduced by this large an amount, the results would be dramatic, causing teacher layoffs, reduction in support staff, increased class sizes and cuts in facilities and maintenance and other critical areas of school operations.

The capital projects levy will fund the demolition of portions of the old community school that are not being used and will put us in the running for over $4 million of matching funds for new school construction.

The capital projects levy will also help with a sorely needed upgrade of the district’s central kitchen facility.

Please vote yes for both of these Sequim School District levy measures.

A strong and healthy school system is essential to a healthy community.

Mary Morgan,