LETTER: Ron Richards would bring balance to the Clallam Board of Commissioners

The candidate has a broad range of experience and would bring solid leadership to the county.

I urge the voters of the central district of Clallam County [Port Angeles-area District 2] to elect Ron Richards in order to bring balance to the board of Clallam County commissioners.

Richards has a broad range of experience as an energy-industry entrepreneur and commercial salmon fisherman, as well as previous experience as a Clallam County commissioner.

The future of Clallam County depends on a diversified economy with jobs at home.

Without Richards, there will be a majority of the board made up of ex-timber corporation executives.

Timber is an important part of the economic sector in Clallam County and should be considered for the long term, but that is simply too much power in county government held by one industry.

I’m also concerned by statements from supporters of Richards’ opponent, Randy Johnson, that appear to favor exports of raw logs (“Logging background,” Oct. 7 Peninsula Voices).

This is short-term, quick-gain thinking that would serve the county poorly for the future.

Ron Richards will bring balanced leadership for the whole county.

I can’t vote for him because I live outside the central district.

For those who can, please cast your vote for Ron Richards.

Ann Seiter,