LETTER: Ron Richards the clear choice for Clallam County commissioner

Voters in the Clallam County commissioner election face a crucial decision as to who will help guide our future.

Sadly, the PDN has provided little but glossy ads and bland news coverage.

But the Clallam County League of Women Voters debate revealed a deep chasm between the preparedness and suitability of candidates Ron Richards and Randy Johnson:

• Conflict of interest: Richards questioned the wisdom of two of the three commissioners coming from the timber industry.

Johnson retorted that he’s involved with other industries as well, implying that this somehow dissolves his conflict-of-interest problem.

• Jobs: Johnson gave a pat answer about all working together.

Richards said that the biggest need is to prepare people for jobs that are already available.

• Timber arrearage: Johnson said it’s a serious problem causing harm to our taxing districts.

Richards said arrearage hawks are hyper-focused on one issue and that other issues that Richards is addressing could better help our taxing districts.

• Wild Olympics proposal: Johnson cited an outdated report to claim it tied up timber land.

Richards said the real reason some timber companies oppose it is that they want other regulatory changes in exchange, but those other changes should be considered separately.

• Naval electronic warfare training: Johnson said he’s seen no evidence whatsoever of harm to wildlife.

Richards cited government documents suggesting a threat to endangered species.

• Climate change: Richards supported actions to reduce our carbon footprint and prepare for climate change.

Johnson had nothing to propose.

Richards seems the clear choice.

To decide for yourself, go to www.lwvcla.org.

Ed Chadd,

Port Angeles