LETTER: Responsibilities

At an anti-mask rights protest on national news, a woman stated that she was angry about the government illegally taking away her rights by requiring her to “wear a muzzle just to go out.”

I wonder if she, and others, think about other than themselves and their rights.

Do they ever consider their responsibilities as citizens?

Do they ever consider the medical people caring for the other citizens who are hospitalized with COVID-19?

Are the protesters aware that there is now a shortage of caregivers who are exhausted and are pleading with citizens to do what needs to be done to slow this virus?

Do they know that because of the overwhelming number of hospitalized people medical staff are now starting to use triage, making the horrible decision as to who will receive the limited medical care available?

Have they thought that if they got the virus and needed hospitalization would they receive the needed medical care?

Do they think about the toll on medical people having to make such life or death decisions, often on a daily basis?

It all makes wearing a mask and social distancing seem like a small price to pay for being a responsible citizen.

Rosemary Kane

Port Angeles