LETTER: Resist the Borg

Nice to hear Clallam County may achieve herd immunity as early as next month.

That possibility, however, must scare the daylights out of our healthcare overlords as the end of their power trip is within sight.

But don’t let your guard down, they have another trick up their sleeve: vaccine passports.

A vaccine passport is proof that you have had a coronavirus shot.

It can be digital, like a phone app, or physical, such as a small paper card.

You carry it with you and show it if required, like before going into the office, boarding an airplane, or visiting a restaurant, movie theater or gym.

Why would you need a vaccine passport after herd immunity has been achieved?

You wouldn’t, silly goose, but that won’t slow down the unholy cabal of big government, big tech and big business.

It’s about tracking you; it’s about control; it’s about identifying deplorables and punishing them; it’s about power.

Don’t give away your freedom.

When Costco proposes a vaccine passport, take your business elsewhere.

When Facebook tries to install a vaccine tracker, delete your account.

When government officials propose the scheme, raise hell and say no.

I once read a story by a man named John who warned that one day people would be required to receive a mark on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark.


Non sequitur?

Maybe, maybe not.

Why take the chance?

Resist the Borg.

Jerry Ludke

Port Angeles

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