LETTER: Republican ‘infiltrators’ have tricked Democrats into doing impeachment hearings

Republican agents who infiltrated the Democrat party have struck again.

In 2017, they got Democrats to waste $32 million of taxpayer money on the Mueller probe to take down their nemesis Donald Trump.

The probe, after several years, found exactly zero in terms of actionable evidence against the president.

For two years, media attention to the Mueller probe robbed Democrats of the opportunity to profile their policy differences with President Trump.

In the meantime, Trump was left to implement his campaign promises: lower taxes, appoint pro-Second Amendment justices, deregulation, and secure our borders.

Now these same Republican agents have done it again.

They somehow got House Democrats to embark on impeachment, seeing how well that worked out politically for Republicans in the case of Bill Clinton.

And Clinton actually had been proven to commit perjury.

Here, again, there is no chance of conviction given the makeup of the Senate, so the whole process is a monumental waste of taxpayer dollars.

Voters will remember that, together with the lack of Democrat policies that make sense and don’t cost trillions of dollars.

President Trump’s Rasmussen poll approval ratings have already climbed from 46 percent to 50 percent since impeachment hearings began.

The impeachment media circus will rob Democrat candidates of any chance to highlight their policies.

Hating Trump the most and bloviating the loudest about the illegitimacy of his election will not resonate enough with independents and Democrats who voted for Trump in 2016 to carry the Democrat challenger over the finish line next year.

Kaj Ahlburg,

Port Angeles

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