LETTER: Recent letter writer’s defense of Malkin blatantly biased

How quaint of former Clallam County commissioner and right-wing columnist Martha Ireland to write the [March 16] letter in Peninsula Voices, “Retain Malkin,” and defend right-wing columnist/propagandist Michelle Malkin.

Ireland my be impressed by Malkin’s columns, but referring to her attempts to persuade rational people into irrational beliefs as a foray guided by a depth of research aided by an exceptional vocabulary and articulate use of the English language is laughable.

Neither Ireland nor Malkin would survive a critical thinking class with a passing grade.

Question: What is the “depth of research” by Malkin that Ireland refers to?

All Malkin does is spin facts and murder common sense like the faithful lackey for the Republican National Committee that she is, intent on vanquishing democracy and placing the American citizenry unkindly into the hands of the conservative ruling overlords.

As for critics not being able to “fault the truth and accuracy” of Malkin’s propagandistic dithering, well, it’s done all the time.

You just have to be able to set aside your pronounced beliefs and make your determinations using facts, logic and reason.

The question asked in the March 23 letter in Peninsula Voices (“Trump’s ‘pass’”) is a good one: Why do Republicans never find fault with any egregious behavior on the part of conservative politicians but automatically credit Democrats with fault or wrongdoing whenever they express a sentiment not compatible with the conservative agenda?

Depth of research? Not even close.

It’s called conservative bias.

As for “mean and nasty,” that’s just conservative.

I see Cal Thomas again, as usual, sits atop a liberal columnist [on Thursdays, paired with liberal columnist Catherine Rampell].

Perhaps “fair and balanced” Martha Ireland can find something sinister there.

Nicky D’Andrea,

Port Townsend