LETTER: Recent letter on women’s rights a mixture of conspiracy theories

I have several observations in response to the letter, “Our freedoms,” in the March 14 Peninsula Voices.

The writer thinks that “American women complaining about not being appreciated” and “stirring the angry (frustrated) pot” about their lot in life should instead be grateful that their lives are better than those of women in other parts of the world.

That makes about as much sense as my saying, since my house is already nicer than yours, I’m not going to bother replacing my rotted gutters.

The writer further states that the women’s protests are “a bad joke to most Americans.”

I would like to know the source of the data upon which that is based.

In my personal experience, most Americans think just the opposite.

But I’m also aware that my knowledge, as also likely the writer’s, is based on anecdotal evidence, so I yield to objective research on that subject.

The writer then contradicts herself by saying, “We each have the right and freedom to think for ourselves and the freedom to choose.”

Well, that’s apparently only true if you think and choose the same things as the writer does.

Finally, the writer complains of all the “mismanagement” of federal programs, that “billions of dollars spent on illegal immigrants have robbed our American citizens in need” and that “disrespect, uncontrolled anger and violence” during the Obama administration might have actually been “a well-thought-out plan” rather than simply poor leadership.

This speaks for itself concerning paranoid conspiracy theories and credibility.

Robert Kuhn,

Port Angeles