LETTER: Recent letter displays ignorance of Obama’s achievements

A Jan. 15 letter to Peninsula Voices (“Obama ‘pathetic’”) demands a response.

Former President Barack Obama did a fine job dealing with the economic meltdown produced by the preceding Republican administration.

The stock market is high, unemployment is low and wages are up.

America is awash with domestic energy production.

The current American military involvement in the Middle East quagmire was another gift from the Republicans.

We are all disappointed in how that situation has evolved, but to entirely blame Obama for the tragic mess displays partisan ignorance of Mideast history and reality.

The Affordable Care Act is not a total failure.

Millions of citizens who previously could not afford health insurance are now covered.

The program needs adjustment, but there are many of us alive and healthy today because of the ACA.

I will miss Obama’s compassion, his unfailing optimism and graceful composure.

America is better because of his presidency.

I believe Donald Trump entered office as the most despised, divisive and ignorant president in modern times.

Many rightly question his emotional stability and the legitimacy of his election.

If not for Russia meddling and FBI malfeasance, I believe Trump would remain nothing more than a bigoted and morally bankrupt grifter.

Trumpians say they want change.

Well, their gift has been granted.

Trump and his kleptocratic cronies will skim off the big bucks and the rest of us will scuffle around for the change.

Trump’s entire life has been devoted to acquiring other people’s money, by hook or by crook.

Why would anyone believe he intends to stop, now that he has the keys to the mint?

Paul Creasey,