LETTER: Reasonable balance is nowhere to be found outside of Fox News and some talk radio

The Founding Fathers installed Amendment 1 into the Constitution to guarantee a free press for a very good reason.

The thinking was that an unhindered press would shed the needed light to keep citizens informed enough to help maintain the new government as open and honest as possible.

It worked for a long time, but in recent decades, particularly in recent years, and now especially since the election of Donald Trump, this balancing force of our republic has become extremely dysfunctional.

Most of the mainstream media has become outlandishly biased to the left, even the extreme wacky left in many cases.

I would include NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and most large city newspapers such as The New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

They can no longer be considered news outlets.

Rather, they are now nothing more than blatant propaganda machines for the Democratic Party and the far left.

Reasonable balance is nowhere to be found outside of Fox News and some talk radio.

This partnership between leftist media and the Democratic Party is so plain and simple to see.

It’s both an embarrassment to this media and quite disgusting to observe the ridiculously biased coverage the Donald Trump administration has received.

Nothing even close to this extreme has ever been seen in American history.

Bottom line is, I see no reason to even watch or read this kind of useless propaganda.

I just pray that enough people can see through this garbage the media tries to pass off as news.

Greg Carroll,