LETTER: Reader supports Heidi Eisenhour for Jefferson County commissioner

From Port Townsend

I am writing to encourage you to vote for Heidi Eisenhour for county commissioner.

There is no doubt that Heidi’s resume and life experiences are impressive, but it takes more than a resume to entrust someone with a community leadership role.

By virtue of living and working here for 40-some years, Heidi’s investment in Jefferson County is deeply profound and personal.

In a sense, her greatest expertise is that she knows Jefferson County.

Heidi is always talking to people, always engaging, always listening.

It is a rare individual that can connect across the political spectrum and from young to old.

Her support ranges from the backbone of the working class in our county to current and former county commissioners and town mayors.

She builds consensus from the bottom up, not lecturing from the top down.

In fact, Heidi leads by listening.

Heidi is here, she’s been here and she’ll be here.

She is part of the fabric of our community.

I urge you to cast your vote for Heidi Eisenhour for District 2 county commissioner.

Tony Petrillo

Port Townsend