LETTER: Re-elect Stanko for Jefferson County sheriff

When Dave Stanko became sheriff of Jefferson County, he set to work making key changes to the department.

When he first assumed office, he worked to show his commitment to transforming the organization from a military-style model to one that’s community-based.

He continues to pursue the challenge President Obama set forth in his Task Force on 21st Century Policing in May 2015. He regularly meets with neighborhood groups throughout the county to identify concerns and seek solutions to problems.

Sheriff Stanko has not and will not collude with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He and staff have not and will not enforce the Title 8 Immigration Law, from the FEMA grant, section C.

Sheriff Stanko also is working to implement SAFE, a program designed to insure the security of the LGBTQ community throughout the county. The first organizing meeting took place Aug. 7 at the Port Townsend Fire Station.

He met with police representatives from Port Townsend, Sequim and Port Angeles, a Clallam County Sheriff’s Office officer, and Jim Ritter from Seattle Police Deptartment along with a rep from the LGBTQ community.

Voters who call themselves Democrats should look past the Dem after a candidate’s name, especially in the office of sheriff, which should not be guided by politics.

If a candidate claims he wants change, but has worked in the same environment for 28 years, is he likely to be an agent of change? Ask yourself what he has done during all those years to bring change.

Finally, check out the list of 30 law enforcement leaders throughout the state, including the King County sheriff, who have thrown their support behind the incumbent. They know what the job entails.

They recognize the qualities he brings to a challenging job. They support Sheriff Stanko.

Please consider doing the same, for the sake of our county.

Ruth Linnea Whitney,

Port Townsend

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