LETTER: Process undercuts publicly elected director in Clallam

The application for a single residence permit from Judy Lee for her West Sequim Bay bed and breakfast has been rejected consistently by various entities, including boards, a court, and the current director of community development, Mary Ellen Winborn, because Lee’s 32,000-square-feet, 27-bathroom plan does not look like a single family residence.

In late 2018, the county commissioners hired Clair Consulting from Oregon, recommended by Lee, to represent the county in processing Lee’s application, thereby eliminating the DCD’s independent role with this decision.

This bizarre abuse of the DCD’s office is now culminating on June 24, when there will be a “mediation” between this consulting company and Lee’s attorneys.

According to the PDN, this private Oregon company will make the permit decision on a Clallam B&B.

The commissioners’ actions have undercut Winborn, elected twice by the people to be their independent DCD.

Without explanation, the commissioners have subverted her professional interpretation of our building codes.

Here are my questions:

Is there collaboration between the commissioners and Lee’s attorneys in order to undermine Winborn’s prior rejections?

Is this another example of the county’s deplorable history of sexism, as with prosecuting attorney Mark Nichols’ sexual harassment suit; and the work harassment complaints from former treasurer Selinda Barkhuis?

Why did the commissioners recently attempt to appoint Winborn’s political opponent to the planning commission, using private, serial interviews?

Finally, what do the commissioners intend at the June 24 mediation?

Judith Parker,