LETTER: Pro-Ron Richards letters push wishful thinking over substantive arguments

Thinking in partisan terms is certainly easier than seeing the complexities of a campaign.

Defends Johnson

In two recent letters to Peninsula Voices about the Clallam County commissioner race, the first warns of a supposed timber conspiracy if two people who retired from that industry serve on the board of commissioners together [“Timber ties,” Oct. 16].

The other asserts that candidate Randy Johnson can’t possibly be an independent because he has donated more to Republicans than to Democrats [“Need diversity,” Oct. 23].


• Conjuring some sort of cabal based on similar job histories is laughable.

They both presumably drive cars. Are we to expect a takeover by corporate automotive and oil interests?

• This assertion shows little understanding of the term “independent.”

It means that choices are made based on substance, not on prefabricated, partisan ideologies.

[Johnson lists “nonpartisan” on his campaign registration form where the form asks for “political party.”]

Social justice no more belongs solely to Democrats than fiscal responsibility does to Republicans.

Both writers are pushing a version of reality that only exists in the realm of wishful ideological thinking.

It’s certainly easier to see things in partisan terms — much easier than understanding the complexities that a community made of human beings really has.

Without such an understanding, however, problems can’t be rightly understood and useful solutions can’t be found.

These specious arguments make one wonder if there is no substance to the campaign of Ron Richards, Johnson’s opponent.

Why aren’t the letter writers telling us about Richards’ ideas for making our community a better place?

Anyone who wants to know about Randy’s ideas can find it here: www.electrandycountycommissioner.com.

If you want to know where Randy stands, ask him directly.

Much better than making stuff up.

Laurel Black,

Port Angeles

Black’s company, Laurel Black Design, has designed campaign materials for Johnson’s campaign.

She also is a campaign volunteer.