LETTER: Prescribed psychiatric drugs at fault in violence

Since the Columbine mass shooting, perpetrators who are prescribed psychiatric drugs were involved in 36 school shootings — 80 murdered, 172 injured — excluding Las Vegas, Aurora, Colo., naval shipyard, Fort Hood etc. drug-related mass shootings, according to a Feb. 18 article in the Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights International newsletter.

Psychiatrist Peter Breggin, who has led psychiatric reform since 1954, has testified on psychoactive drugs risks before the U.S. Congress, House Committee on Veterans Affairs, FAA and FDA about prescribed psychoactive drugs, stimulants, anti-depressants, etc., causing permanent change in brain chemistry, permanent brain damage, irreparable damage to body organs and shortened life-spans.

Dr. Breggin has investigated dozens of cases involving suicide, violent crimes and prescribed antidepressants.

On his website, www.breggin.com, he cites a 2010 article which states that antidepressants (most dangerous, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Celexa) followed by amphetamines prescribed to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are most commonly related to violence.

I think public agencies and families acquire a false sense of security once patients receive psychiatric treatment including drugs.

Dr. Breggin advises increased training for our existing mental health system will generate more drugging.

To reduce violence, Dr. Breggin advises (“Psychiatrist says: More psychiatry means more shootings,” MadinAmerica, Feb. 26, 2018):

• “[S]top drugging our children and youth to control their feelings, thoughts and actions.”

• Establish state-mandated “public disclosure of any and all drugs [previously] prescribed to violent perpetrators” to compile evidence of drug harm.

• Provide “well-advertised state designated online and telephone reporting sites” to facilitate local responses to threats.

• Utilize “psychosocial interventions, including empathetic therapy” for youth and their families.

Equally vital, we need to limit the slaughter on-site. Stop violating the inalienable, natural right to defense.

Support legislation that will allow willing, trained teachers and administrators to protect students and themselves with firearms.

Susan Shotthafer,

Port Angeles