LETTER: Prepare for economy to take on more water as debt spirals upward

There’s a new captain of the Titanic.

The ship hit the iceberg quite some time ago and has been taking in more and more water.

Will the new captain be able to plug the giant gash in the hull of the ship and keep it afloat?

Back around 1981, Capt. Ronald Reagan warned that the ship was approaching a huge iceberg when the national debt surpassed $1 trillion.

By the year 2000, the ship, having crashed into the berg, was taking on water fast, with the debt having surpassed $5 trillion.

Then Capt. George W. Bush neglected to control the water flow, and by the end of his two terms, the debt surpassed $10 trillion.

Under Capt. Barack Hussein Obama, the ship took on more water than ever before.

The national debt now stands at $20 trillion.

The yearly interest alone is $250 billion.

The scary thing is that if nothing is done to curb entitlement spending and other government waste, the national debt will continue to spiral upward and this ship will indeed go down.

Not only do I not see any sign that the massive government spending will slow down, I believe Capt. Donald J. Trump will amass even more debt through infrastructure spending and building up the military.

He claims it will be paid for by increased government revenue through a greatly improved economy.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Put on your life jackets and head for the lifeboats.

John Caughey,

Port Angeles