LETTER: Power usurped

President Trump’s impeachment had nothing to do with preserving American democracy.

America’s democratic republic had already been gutted by the institutional corruption of lobbying, election finance, redistricting and state voter repression schemes.

The Founders designed the U.S. republic to derive all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people and not from some favored class thereof.

Unfortunately, this sovereignty of the people has been usurped by a corrupt moneyed class that purchases government influence through a system of de facto bribery.

This cancer on the American body politic has led to the election of Trump and his conservative courtiers.

A fascist state is emerging in the U.S. from the ruins of our democratic republic.

Their most recent assault on our nation’s interests was unwarranted tax cuts primarily for themselves.

These tax cuts resulted in greatly reduced public revenues which fueled enormous increases in the nation’s debt and stimulated Trump’s exaggerated economic mirage.

Congress and the media promote a fabricated hysteria about the accelerating national debt they caused.

They now argue that financially ruinous deficits must be reduced by slashing Social Security, health care, education and other domestic spending.

Trump, Congress and the media have declared economic war against the American people, especially the middle class and the poor.

U.S. foreign policy is just as corrupt.

Democrats and the media now join Republicans in branding as radical socialists presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders who dare raise these foundation corruption issues.

Democrats must come to their senses soon.

Malcolm D. McPhee


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