LETTER: Port Angeles levy a ‘ridiculous measure’

The Port Angeles School Board is asking us to fund another ridiculous measure to redo and repair our failing school buildings.

I am sure that some of our school buildings do need some attention.

They point out that the plumbing and heating systems in the buildings are worn out and need replacing.

The problem is that they always turn to raising property taxes for the funding.

The capital levy that we will be voting on in February will increase the taxes on a $250,000 home by $655 per year.

That is on top of what we are already paying.

Add to this the additional taxes that are coming our way from other agencies and then add the increasing cost of monthly utilities as well.

If this levy passes it will make buying and selling a home here more difficult and this increase will surely get passed on to the renters in our community and many of them are barely able to afford what they are now paying.

The last thing that I heard was that we have a housing crisis here as it already is.

Let’s replace the heating and plumbing systems where needed and pay for them by opening a fund for all of us to contribute to and leave our property taxes alone.

We must think out of the box on how we are going to educate our kids in the future.

Keith Thompson

Port Angeles

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