LETTER: Port Angeles dog owners acting like Californians

Pick up after your four-legged friends, people!

I recently returned home to Port Angeles after an extended visit with family in California.

While there, I was repulsed at the amount of dog feces that I encountered while walking my dog.

Apparently, I was one of the few who picked up after my dog.

I was glad to return to Port Angeles, where the municipal code (7.02.035) requires owners to clean up after their tail-wagging buddies:

“The owner of any dog or cat, which defecates while off its owner’s property, shall pick up, bag, and properly dispose of the waste.”

To my dismay, since returning to Port Angeles, I have encountered a great deal of dog feces that were not cleaned up by irresponsible pet owners.

This is a danger to our pets’ health and is unhealthy for our children, not to mention my tennis shoes.

Come, on people.

You don’t want to get caught acting like Californians, do you?

Les Carnahan,

Port Angeles