LETTER: Political history

Jim MeEntire’s political history in Clallam should be reviewed because he is now running for hospital commissioner for the first time, against long-time hospital commissioner Tom Oblak.

McEntire moved to Clallam County in 2006 and was elected to a six-year port commissioner position, starting in 2008.

Two years into his term, in 2010, he unsuccessfully ran for the state Legislature.

Campaigning for that office, which covers three counties, meant substantial time away from his job at the port.

One year later, in 2011, he successfully ran for county commissioner.

McEntire’s high travel expenditures levels as a port commissioner were an issue when he campaigned for county commissioner.

So it is amusing that he presents himself as a fiscal conservative.

McEntire’s one term as county commissioner was filled with controversy about cronyism and his directing of Opportunity Funds; this contributed to his election defeat in 2015 to Mark Ozias.

In 2018, he ran, yet again, for the state Legislature and was defeated.

Clearly, McEntire is ambitious.

The question arises: Does he have any enduring commitment or sense of public service, once he is elected?

He has not attended hospital commission meetings, and so we must ask: what motivates him to run for this position?

Judith Parker


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