LETTER: Pleased to see Van Hoover as commission candidate

I was very hopeful for positive change when I heard that Cheri Van Hoover had become a candidate for Jefferson Healthcare commissioner.

I’ve lived in this area for 38 years, raised three children here, experienced various satisfaction levels with my family’s medical needs being met and seen changes in our local health care system.

There is more work to be done to improve things.

I believe that Cheri will listen to peoples’ concerns and respond to them in a way that combines her knowledge of medical policy and skill in facilitating discussion between people with different viewpoints.

I met Cheri a few years ago in a free dance class she co-taught and have gotten to know her better since then.

She is community-minded, able to clearly instruct with patience and humor and use tact and diplomacy in stressful situations.

Cheri is intelligent and well-educated, with experience as a small business owner, as a nurse-midwife in clinical settings and as an instructor on health care policies at the college level.

Having myself worked in management of nonprofits and retail businesses, I appreciate how well she understands the management and financial aspects of nonprofits, as they relate to policy decisions, as well as medical issues and the need to listen attentively to the concerns of those being served.

I also appreciate her work in, and knowledge of, women’s current health care issues, in both medical and policy aspects.

If undecided, ask Cheri some questions.

She’ll give honest, well thought-out answers.

Iris Pearsall,