LETTER: Please vote

On Monday, June 27, I participated in election observer training at the courthouse.

I was very impressed by the painstaking safeguards in place to make sure our elections are safe and secure.

At the end of the training, we were invited to ask questions.

Several participants came convinced that the vote could be corrupted, and they asked questions such as could someone vote twice because of “what people are saying” or “what I heard.”

At first, I rolled my eyes at these questioners.

However, upon reflection, I realize that I was wrong.

The questioners were concerned enough about the election process to volunteer as observers.

To their credit, they didn’t just mindlessly pass around rumors to their friends and neighbors but brought their questions to elections staff, who patiently debunked their suspicions.

I hope, perhaps naively, that they listened with open minds, learned that the rumors are not true, and will correct and educate other people passing around false rumors.

I know they will vote.

I urge every eligible voter in Clallam County to be as engaged and active as my fellow trainees.

I urge you to vote.

Elections have far-reaching consequences.

If you think votes don’t matter, just look at the recent decisions of the Supreme Court.

The road to those decisions began with the 2016 election.

If you don’t agree with those decisions and didn’t vote in 2016, please vote in 2022 and 2024.

Your vote is even more important now.

Please vote.

Elaine Baker

Port Angeles

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