LETTER: Pet owners should not bring animals into stores

Pets in the store

I visited a local fabric store and in the store were two employees and two customers, one with a small dog on a leash.

The customer with the dog was not holding it in her arms but had it roam the store at will, which meant you had to walk around the dog and leash or when the leash was completely across the aisle, you had to wait for the owner to pull the dog towards her.

My question is to all pet owners: What makes you think that the owner or employees of the store are not allergic to your pets and what about the consumers of the store? Maybe they are allergic.

What about the future consumers, when dog hair has been left on the fabric?

Why does the animal need to be in the store?

We have lost civility. We set our concern for pets above the concern for human beings.

Kathy Bare,